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Unparalleled Data-Driven Marketing Solutions for a Connected Travel Experience

We help 8 of the top 10 global travel companies optimise digital and offline marketing strategies with powerful audience insights and solutions to enable great customer experiences

Travel Challenges

Huge competition, fragmentation and digital disruption in the travel sector means people really do buy differently. The wealthy buy budget, people use aggregators and build their own holidays on their smartphones. Travel companies must react and adapt quickly to suit these changing habits.

Our Key Solutions

Acxiom’s people-based marketing solutions help leading travel brands achieve measurable results

Acquire and Retain Your Valuable Customers

Acquire high value customers by identifying and activating audiences created from desired demographic segments

Create Seamless and Connected Travel Experiences

Present timely and compelling offers for retail, travel and leisure locations – such as airports, casinos, malls, sports stadiums, concert arenas, and resorts – with location-based technologies, customer insights, and real-time decision making

Gain Key Marketing Insights

Optimise your marketing campaigns and media spend with omnichannel people-based measurement services

Enable Marketing Technology

Building on many years of experience implementing market leading campaign technologies has equipped Acxiom better than anyone else to meet the challenges facing organisations embarking on technology implementation

Enabling marketing technology and data integration with Adobe Campaign and Acxiom Experience Platform

Travel Travel
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Reach Mobile Travellers On The Go

Optimise your mobile shopping experience and customer engagement across channels

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