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Acxiom InfoBase®

The World’s Most Powerful Consumer Insights

Acxiom enables you to leverage comprehensive data for premium audiences and insights across the globe. Better understand, identify, and target ideal audiences by engaging and personalising experiences across digital and offline channels.

Acxiom InfoBase® Acxiom InfoBase®

Know Your Customer with Global Audiences and Enrichment Data

  • Insights and Analytics

    Insights and Analytics

    Design and execute effective marketing strategies

    Understand key segments

    Drive relevant messaging

    Modelling to predict consumer wants and needs

  • Audiences


    Precision segmentation and audience creation

    Create and distribute tailor-made audiences

    Target high-value customer segments

    Deliver consistent omnichannel experiences

InfoBase Success Stories

Using Acxiom InfoBase, our customers are able better understand their clients, engage with them across relevant channels and deliver personalised experiences.

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Global Data Navigator

Search data availability around the globe

With marketing technology, identity resolution and digital connectivity converging in a “borderless digital world,” brands can now quickly locate data attributes, service availability and the digital footprint across the globe to fuel informed decisions.

Global Data Navigator

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Reach premium audiences around the globe and deliver experiences that matter with Acxiom data.