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Effective Consumer Segmentation Made Easy

Effective Consumer Segmentation Made Easy Effective Consumer Segmentation Made Easy

The complete spectrum of ways to segment audiences and find the right customers is quite wide – ranging from single-dimensional (e.g. geography) to deeply customised models. If you’re a marketer looking for a powerful tool, Personicx offers a fast, easy, and efficient way to utilise multi-dimensional segmentation to aid in personalising, analysing, and marketing to your best audiences.

  • Find the Right Customers

    Created as a comprehensive product set, built on individual behaviour and available at individual, household, postcode and sector level brought to life through visualisation and planning tools.

  • Cut Out the Chaos

    Replace thousands of data points for millions of customers with an orderly assembly and grouping of those data points in a unique, proven, and stable system of clusters and groups.

  • Speed Through Personas with Personicx Clusters

    Each cluster contains full demographic and behavioural summaries, providing an easy-to-use method for you to gain insights into the personas of customers in each unique cluster via our online portal.

Segmentation Types

Personicx groups individuals on behaviour and structures them using four key factors, namely Lifestage, Affluence, Digital activity and Age.

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