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At a time when brands are competing for consumers’ time and attention, being able to leverage data correctly could never be more imperative. The Consumer Electronics industry is no different. To gain competitive advantage brands need to embrace the infusion of AI and IoT, the adoption of smart and connected devices and improve consumers’ experience when they buy online.

Tech Industry Marketing Solutions

Enable Marketing Technology

The challenge facing any organisation embarking on an implementation of campaign management and execution is the same – getting meaningful data in, structuring the data so it’s ready to use, ensuring it’s used in the right way and continuously improving to drive better outcomes. 

  • Implement market leading technologies with the experts and de-risk the process
  • Enable you to get meaningful data in, structure it ready for use and ensure it’s used in the right way
  • Help you to get the most out of your chosen platform to continuously drive better outcomes

Thought Leadership

  • Transforming Consumer Electronics Through Data

    In an industry as competitive and fast-moving as consumer electronics, staying ahead of the curve can be hard.

  • Electronics Giant Epson Increases Lifetime Value of Customers

    Acxiom helped Epson consolidate data from 15 sources into one data warehouse, recognise customers globally, create clean customer records and run analytics to target more intelligently. Epson now has actionable data, enabling consistent customer communication.

  • Reaching the World’s Marketable Consumers: Expanding Your Global Footprint Reaching the World’s Marketable Consumers: Expanding Your Global Footprint

    In today’s borderless digital landscape, we can reach and engage consumers anywhere and everywhere.But acquiring and activating global consumer data presents challenges. Brands need a global marketing approach that encompasses ethical use of data, identity resolution and integration.

  • Infographic: The state of technology

    Get the right data. Get the data right. Use it in the right way.

Experiences that Matter

By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.