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Omnichannel Audience Solutions

Deliver Next-Generation Personalised Experiences Across Channels

Acxiom’s Omnichannel Audience Solutions deliver enterprise-class data environments for brands needing to activate a unified, complete, privacy-compliant view of customers and prospects to power targeting and engagement applications and strategies.

Omnichannel Audience Solutions Omnichannel Audience Solutions
  • Industry Tailored Solutions

    Market-ready solution with necessary integrations and off-the-shelf industry-tailored data models to deliver maximum value.

  • Faster Speed to Value

    Reduced overall time to value, implementation and ongoing support cost, and long-term martech/adtech investment risk versus legacy custom solutions or in-house solutions.

  • Cloud and Real-Time Options for Maximising ROI

    Optimal ROI based on configurable Unified Data Layer framework with support for cloud and hybrid-cloud deployment and real-time data management options.

  • Leverage Omnichannel Marketing Expertise

    Leverage industry-leading data management experience and omnichannel marketing expertise to power better customer engagement.

  • Empower Agencies & Creative

    Access more accurate audience insight and customer portraits via a complete, omnichannel view of the customer enriched with robust third-party demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights.

  • Safeguard Consumer Privacy & Reduce Risk

    Leverage integrated privacy and ethical data use expertise, processes and workflows to fuel your audience management solution.

Solution Overview

Activate optimal audiences across channels with an enterprise-class data environment solution that is market-ready with built in martech and adtech integrations and off-the-shelf industry-tailored data models for the fastest speed- to-value. The solution allows brands to integrate and manage first-party data, enriched with second-party and third-party data, and activate across key engagement applications for optimal marketing results.

  • Continually Expand and Enhance your Audiences

    Continually integrate new data sources for better customer insights and more targeted offers.

  • Implement & Maintain Data Privacy & Governance Controls

    Properly manage privacy and data governance to honor consumer preferences, comply with applicable regulations and reduce risk.

  • Optimise the Customer Journey with the Highest Quality Audiences

    Identify and activate optimal audiences using the highest data quality across digital and offline channels for more effective campaigns and optimised customer journeys.

  • Power Personalised Customer Experiences

    Deliver personalised customer experiences that drive better engagement and higher return on marketing spend.

  • Solve Critical Skills Gaps

    Leverage strategy, integration, managed services and analytic services to help brands, agencies, and their technology partners harness data to improve every customer interaction.

  • Fuel Digital Transformation

    Optimise your  DMP, CDP, Tag Management and emerging martech and adtech platforms and partners through your integrated unified data solution environment for maximum impact.

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