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Omnichannel Identity Graphs Omnichannel Identity Graphs

Omnichannel Identity Graphs

Enable People-Based Marketing Across Channels and Devices

Omnichannel Identity Graphs connect data to consumers in a privacy-conscious way by establishing brand unique identity resolution rules to create a single view of the customer across channels.

Market Dynamics of Identity

Key Benefits

Solution Overview

Solution Overview

The solution synchronizes customer data used across the enterprise by establishing client-specific recognition rules, groups and unique global identifiers across both digital and offline channels in a privacy-by-design manner to enable more effective marketing programs and better customer experiences

  • High Volume – High-volume core processes for graph build and maintenance of constantly changing consumer data
  • Multinational – Global solutions support specialized match rules by country and region
  • Real-Time – Offers “always on” support for real-time, interactive and core batch processing
  • Broad Use Cases – Leverage accurate identity resolution solutions across targeting, engagement, personalization, risk and measurement use cases

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