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Measurement and Analytics

Measurement and Analytics Measurement and Analytics

Powerful Measurement and Predictive Analytics Improve Marketing Performance and Business Impact

Acxiom delivers analytics and closed-loop, incremental measurement services that provide actionable insights to fuel people-based marketing across the full customer lifecycle. Our independent services help brands measure marketing ROI, attribute marketing impact, deepen audience insights, and predict likely consumer behavior.

  • Perform Better Everywhere

    Maximize your data for enhanced acquisition, conversion, customer lifetime value and retention.

  • Deliver Seamless Customer Experiences

    Enable smarter, more relevant, more consistent engagement across channels and devices through advanced analytics.

  • Understand Your Audience Better

    Implement closed-loop, incremental analytics fueled by every interaction, everywhere.

Key Offerings

Our services begin with an assessment of your business objectives and key challenges to determine the best analytics engagement to meet your needs. Whether you are augmenting your in-house efforts or looking for a new analytics partner, our goal is to provide actionable results that deliver positive impact on your business.

  • Rapid Customer Analysis

    Understand the true underlying drivers and inhibitors of growth across critical marketing use cases for your business.

  • Acquisition Analytics

    Identify qualified and responsive prospects by leveraging first and third-party data.

  • Next Best Product

    Increase revenue by identifying the products that customers are most likely to buy next.

  • Retention

    Identify high value customers likely to churn, and pinpoint early behavioral indicators of attrition.

  • Campaign Measurement

    Effectively measure the incremental lift from your campaign across all channels.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Find marketing opportunities by combining two (or more) brands’ first-party data.

  • Publisher Analytics

    Optimize your publisher strategies using your first-party data to create customer interest portraits.

  • Attribution

    Measure the incremental effectiveness of your addressable media spend and model optimal future spending.

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