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InfoBase® InfoBase®

InfoBase®: The World’s Most Powerful Consumer Insights

The most comprehensive source of consumer information in the UK offering insight and targeting on approximately 40 million individuals.

  • Consumer Insights

    Access the best possible insights for effective recognition, engagement and measurement.  Used for enhancement and analytics, InfoBase provides insight that enables clients to better manage audiences, personalise customer experience across channels and create more profitable customer relationships.

  • Geo-location Insights

    Power location analysis, market-level research, planning and geo-based targeting through Neighbourhood InfoBase.

  • Audience Distribution

    Access the world’s most accurate and powerful touchpoint data via InfoBase for consumer information that supports omnichannel engagement.

  • Customer Suppressions

    Honour consumer choice and industry-mandated opt outs and identify suppression audiences such as goneaways and deceased for more accurate audience analysis, insights, and targeting.

InfoBase Audience Data Elements:

  • Individual Demographics

    Age, gender, education, occupation

  • Household Characteristics

    Household size, number and ages of children

  • Financial

    Income ranges, net worth, economic stability, affordability

  • Interests

    Sports, leisure activities, family, pets, entertainment

  • Behaviour

    Charitable causes, products bought, method of payment

  • Life Events

    Marriage/divorce, birth of children, home purchase, house move

Comprehensive consumer insights from InfoBase:

  • Better understand, identify, and target ideal audiences
  • Engage and personalise experiences across digital and offline channels
  • Effectively target new prospects
  • Improve customer loyalty and customer value

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