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How Airports, Malls and Arenas Can Benefit From A Connected Spaces Customer Experience

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at November 9th, 2017

How Airports, Malls and Arenas Can Benefit From A Connected Spaces Customer Experience

Creating a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints; on and offline, is crucial if brands (and destinations in particular) are to grow revenue and connect with customers long-term.

However, that’s no easy task. Achieving that connection requires the right combination of data and technology; a solution that works to identify, understand and engage with customers intelligently across all touchpoints.

Acxiom and Adobe’s Connected Spaces Solution has the potential to deliver this customer experience; combining Adobe’s world-leading customer experience technology with Acxiom’s ability to connect marketing technology and processes at the data layer.

Looking closer, below are some organisations that should see the potential Connected Spaces holds for creating seamless, positive customer experiences across both on and offline touchpoints:



Airports face a sizable challenge; how can they deliver experiences that engage and reward the many millions of passengers that flow through their major hubs and retail areas?

Airport Operations are focused on mitigating the challenges passengers face, to ensure both safety, and that the airport meets regulatory requirements. At the same time the commercial team strives to ensure the business is both sustainable and is meeting the expectations of the Airlines, tenant businesses and passengers. With more complexity in terminals operations and as commercial demands become greater, there is a real risk here that the passenger experience will become fragmented – creating frustrations.

However, by placing the passenger at the centre of the experience, simplifying the travel experience and engaging airport visitors with timely and contextually relevant messages, as Connected Spaces does, passengers can be put at ease and avail themselves of those opportunities that will enhance their airport customer experience.


Shopping Malls

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers told you they were coming, if you knew their favourite brands, and could collaborate with those brands to curate more relevant messages for customers in between visits?

Then, imagine if you could welcome those customers back on arrival with a smart message, and react with real time advice; perhaps telling them the traffic on their route home is horrific and inviting them to stay longer with a special offer at a food outlet.

Equally, the ability to say thank-you goes a long way toward a positive customer experience; for example, sending a smart message to customers after they’ve visited.


Sports Stadium or Arena

Customers in these environments may be loyal fans, but with their connected devices, they’re doing more than sitting and watching their favourite team or band.

Increasing numbers of stadia and arenas boast food, drink and shopping. And like all customers, arena customers respond best to relevance. So while a customer’s visit to the club shop may be seasonal – wouldn’t it be useful if you knew their visit was also driven by an event such as a birthday, which would give you opportunity to present offers beyond the normal range?

Understanding your visitor’s preferences; whether that’s knowing which sports and teams each customer loves or the performers they are a fan of, provides enhanced opportunities to connect data with your partners; to significantly increase overall spend per customer and deliver a more memorable occasion.


Limitless Potential

Of course, plenty of spaces other than these may benefit from Connected Spaces.

Tourist destinations, theme parks and attractions are perhaps the more obvious examples; they have the inherent advantage in being the destination – the reason underlying the visit, which is often not the case for an area or a mall. They are also used to collaborating with their partners to optimise customer experiences and business return.

Yet there is always room to try and see what new opportunities are evolving; and what solutions are available to enhance, improve and create a more connected customer experience.

You can find out more about Connected Spaces in our latest eBook, available here.