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Omnichannel Analytics Solutions

Perform Complex Marketing Analytics to Drive Better Performance

Acxiom’s Omnichannel Analytics Solutions deliver analytic and measurement environment solutions for brands who are struggling to measure results of their marketing campaign spend across digital and offline channels and derive actionable insights from their data.

Omnichannel Analytics Solutions Omnichannel Analytics Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Optimise Marketing Spend

    Understand who your marketing efforts are reaching, how those efforts are driving results, and where improvements can make them more effective and efficient.

  • Unbiased Results

    Leverage a neutral, third-party, privacy compliant environment for measurement to power actionable insights across digital and offline data sources.

  • Speed to Insights

    Reduce time to value for omnichannel analytics use cases with data curated specifically for analytics purposes using pre-built data libraries.

  • Access Expert Guidance & Support

    Leverage seasoned omnichannel analytic expertise to maximise the power of your analytics.

  • Explore Your Data

    Leverage best of breed third-party tools for analytics, modeling, and data visualisation with flexibility to incorporate a variety of tools aligned with the broad analytic user needs – from data analyst to data scientist.

  • Empower Agencies & Creative

    Access more accurate audience insights via a complete, omnichannel view of the customer enriched with robust third-party demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights.

  • Safeguard Consumer Privacy & Reduce Risk

    Leverage built in privacy and ethical data-use expertise and best practices to fuel your analytics solution.

Solution Overview

Explore your omnichannel marketing data to understand who your marketing efforts are reaching, how those efforts are driving results, and where to optimise performance.

  • Privacy-compliant Omnichannel Analytics Environment

    An environment that unifies your data from across a variety of disconnected marketing and advertising platforms and provides direct access to explore and manipulate your data.

  • Optimised Data Libraries for Key Use Cases

    Data libraries that include industry-tailored data categories, models, and data flows designed specifically for analytics use cases.

  • Pre-Integrated Tools for Analytics and Measurement

    A mix of open-source and licensed tools to meet your analytics, modeling, and data visualisation needs.

  • Analytic Services to Drive Immediate Insights

    Analytic services options to support immediate insights. Marketing analytics experts help clients explore their top analytics and measurement use cases and design outputs that will answer the right questions.

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