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Identity Solutions

Enable Exceptional Experiences with People-Based Engagements

Enable exceptional experiences by leveraging nearly 50 years of expertise in global consumer data and omnichannel identity that deliver a robust suite of offerings that power people-based engagements everywhere.

Identity Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Unify Data with the Highest Degree of Accuracy

    Custom omnichannel solutions ensure the highest level of identity data completeness and accuracy to fuel your business operations.

  • Flexible Match Logic

    Apply your brand specific identity rules tailored to specific use cases to more effectively unify and integrate customer data for a competitive advantage.

  • Unlock Insights and Business Value

    Enable personalised, relevant consumer experiences across digital and offline journeys to drive engagement and business impact.


Solution Overview

  • Enterprise Omnichannel Identity Graphs

    We build and maintain brand unique identity graphs that provide accurate identity for consumers across offline and digital touchpoints at scale in a privacy-conscious way, enabling you to gain the most comprehensive, omnichannel understanding of your customers.

  • Omnichannel Identity Services

    A complete suite of data management services –  including first, second and third-party data integration –  leveraging market-leading identity resolution capabilities and linking technology.

Products and Services to Help You