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Digital Transformation Services

Digital Transformation Services Digital Transformation Services

Maximise the Value of Your Marketing Technologies with Digital Transformation Services

Brands struggle to leverage the latest digital marketing technologies and best practices. Acxiom Digital Transformation Services offer premier integration, implementation, and ongoing management services designed to help brands get maximum value from their marketing technology investments through powerful people-based marketing strategies.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Marketing Clouds

    Leverage next-gen cloud technologies to deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Data Management Platforms

    Build and enhance audiences leveraging a multitude of consumer data sources.

  • Tag Management Systems

    Integrate and optimise the performance of tags across your digital properties.

  • Customer Data Platforms

    Unify customer data to enable personalised marketing.

  • Campaign Management

    Design, implement and optimise omnichannel campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Connected Spaces

    Combine technology and data that enables you to better identify, understand and engage with your customers.

Digital Transformation Services at Work

Download our eBook on Connected Spaces – a global solution combining Adobe’s world-leading customer experience technology and Acxiom’s ability to connect marketing technology and processes at the data layer for greater customer satisfaction.

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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.