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Dr. JJ Pan

Dr. JJ Pan

Asia Pacific Privacy Officer

Dr. JJ Pan has overseen Acxiom’s Asia Pacific public policy, data ethics, compliance, data governance programs and fair information practices as APAC Data Ethics Officer since 2012.
JJ has worked to shape policy for internet commerce issues and self-regulatory initiatives related to cross-border rules, data protection guidelines, consumer dispute resolutions and government affairs, both domestically and internationally, since 1999. She has helped develop hands-on practices strategical advice for policies and codes of conducts in many trade associations.
Before joining Acxiom, she was an advisor to Department of Justice, Department of Commerce and Bureau of Foreign Trade in Taiwan. She has worked on amendments for personal data protection law and on pathfinder projects of Cross-Border Privacy Rule System in the Asia Pacific Economic Corporation since 2006.
JJ is also a frequent lecturer on best practices and technology policy for businesses and regulators, has presented at capacity-building workshops and has facilitated many policy dialogues among Asian countries.
JJ earned her PhD in Technology Innovation and Intellectual Property Management from the National Chengchi University in Taipei in 2007. Her research and dissertation on “Impacts of Self-Regulatory Mechanisms of Internet Businesses on Consumer Trust: From Perspectives of Privacy Protection and Transactional Security” established her as a pioneer in the field.

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