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Financial Services Financial Services

Financial Services

Fuel Growth with the Experts in Financial Services, Data Stewardship and Privacy

We provide 8 of the 10 leading financial institutions with omnichannel data-driven solutions that maximize returns from shifts in consumer data, marketing technology, and changing consumer banking habits

Financial Services Challenges

Financial services institutions and insurance companies are finding it harder than ever in today’s data-driven digital world, trying to balance the importance of cyber security and a seamless customer experience. They face a number of technology- and compliance-related challenges and with the constant threat of fraud and cyber attacks, knowing who’s a legitimate customer and who’s not, in real time, can mean the difference of millions in revenue.

Our Key Solutions

Acxiom’s people-based marketing strategies and operational solutions enable you to engage customers at the right time and in the right way along the customer journey

Acquire Profitable Customers Across Marketing Channels

Find more qualified leads and a larger quantity of prospects with stronger data analytics and identity resolution capabilities

Personalise Every Part of the Customer Experience

Adapt to digital customer journeys and provide customers with omnichannel, targeted, just-in-time offers for products and services

Grow and Retain High Lifetime Value Customers

Improve your ability to understand and reach your customers with better data processes, strategy and analytics

Enable Marketing Technology

Building on many years of experience implementing market leading campaign technologies has equipped Acxiom better than anyone else to meet the challenges facing organisations embarking on technology implementation

Enabling marketing technology and data integration with Adobe Campaign and Acxiom Experience Platform

Financial Services Financial Services

Stimulate Credit Card Usage

Improve customer engagement by leveraging a privacy-compliant analytics environment designed to generate new customer insights and provide closed-loop measurement of marketing actions

Our Expertise

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