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Data Quality and Hygiene Services

Clean and Enhance Data Globally

Contact data decays at a rate of 2-3% a month. That means as much as 30% of your data needs cleansing every year. Accurate data is the foundation to successfully engaging with people and delivering relevant experiences.

Data Quality and Hygiene Services Data Quality and Hygiene Services

Consistent and accurate data fuels effective people-based marketing

Data changes quickly. Why? Because people change – jobs, homes, and names. The complexity of managing this change and the fragmented interactions with a consumer is daunting. Acxiom can help by completing a data health assessment so you know where to begin.

Data Detox: The Fresh Face of Data

Data quality is the foundation of a successful marketing program

If your customer database isn’t clean, correct, up-to-date, and ethically sourced, your messages won’t reach the intended recipients. Find out how to stop bad data in its tracks!

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Stop Bad Data; Win With Identity

By delivering experiences that matter, across all channels, you can wow your customers. 

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