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Marketing in the Moment and Beyond

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at January 20th, 2014

Some say all that matters is someone is out there, online, searching for Nike sneakers; so, grab that person and service their need. They say that’s what brands need, whether manufacturers like Nike or retailers, to see the opportunity, grab that cookie and sell to that cookie and do it now, before the competition! They claim, it doesn’t matter whether the person is male, female, young, old, rich or poor, buying for themselves or others, sell! Their argument is, many of the traditional data-driven marketing principles are outdated or even irrelevant.

I heard this from a leading digital advertising company at a recent conference.  The speaker was followed onstage by a senior marketing executive for one of the world’s largest CPG companies. All he talked about was how their passion is to put the customer at the heart of everything they do. To meet and anticipate their needs, to be a partner for life.

It’s hard to reconcile the two. One is all about ‘in the moment’ marketing, the other thinks ‘beyond the moment’. Of course, both are right. This is where the ability to bridge the real-time, immediate, ‘in the moment’ marketing to ‘beyond the moment’ helps the brands build a fuller, more accurate and applicable view of the consumer. Not just now, but always, to meet the very best brands desires to achieve ‘always on marketing’. Nirvana.