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Need to improve customer experience and engagement? Here are three data-driven articles to show you how

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at September 29th, 2015

Need to improve customer experience and engagement? Here are three data-driven articles to show you how

From enhanced loyalty, to better customer recognition and communication, it’s clear that without data as the foundation it is hard, if not impossible for marketers to improve customer experience or fine tune their marketing strategies as a whole.

Exploring data-driven considerations to improve customer experience, these articles highlight the importance of not only accessing, but utilising data insight. Effective strategies are those that use data insight to transform their marketing holistically, adjusting some of the key aspects of their strategy for consistent relevancy.

1. Customer engagement “How do I earn, build and foster customer loyalty?”
“There’s a mismatch between what organisations think they are doing and what their customers say they are actually doing. In Forrester’s 2013 Customer Experience Index, only 8% of companies were awarded a top grade by their customers.”

Asking “how do I earn, build and foster customer loyalty”, this article from Bluefin Solutions takes research from Forrester, Gartner and IBM, exploring the value of loyalty, recognition and engagement, and how each can be improved for enhanced customer experiences.

Focusing on the value of loyalty (“data from the Gartner Group indicates a five percent increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25% to 125%”), and the importance of appropriate communication across the right channels, it’s clear that businesses must not only recognise the value of appropriate engagement with individuals, but also have the capacity to use customer insight to listen to what consumers want – and adapt customer experience strategies appropriately.v

2. Improve Customer Experience Engagement By Improving Your CRM Data
“Customer data that uniquely links all identifier information – phone, email, address, cookies—should be the standard; not a luxury”

A marketing team is nothing without data, as this article on improving the customer experience and conversion through good CRM data practices shows.

When it comes to today’s customer experience, today’s consumers – even if they don’t realise it – increasingly expect brands to automatically know who they are, what they want, and offer relevant services. That can be easier said than done!

Solid CRM supplied with accurate real-time data is the answer in this piece however. Customer Experience success is all about the data; marketers who use real-time insight to better identify consumers, minimise the risk of inaccurate information, and finally target and engage confidently with prospects via the right channels at the right times – will be the ones offering the best customer experience.

3. The secret to customer engagement? Shrink your big data
“We can no longer depend on isolated batch processes that defined traditional segmentation-based marketing tactics… Today we need to define context and drive relevance in order to serve a customer,”

Due to the vast nature of data, the complex world of interaction and today’s instant consumer demand for accurate, relevant engagement; balancing a complete marketing picture with a singular customer focus is a lot to ask. This Forbes piece drills into just what it takes to stay up to speed and interact effectively with an individual – brands need to intelligently access the precise data needed and use it to influence every interaction; from communication, to informed consumer-focused solutions.

Using data to improve customer experience and engagement

We all know by now the importance of delivering effective customer experiences. , Businesses will need to transform the way they use technology to react and engage with consumers, a substantial challenge indeed to build this strategy whilst ensuring your customer data is at the heart of delivering this. By starting with the right customer data and using it to re-envision processes, solutions and consumer engagement, better customer experiences will be the result.