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Acxiom Data Catalogue For Audience Creation & Analytics

Acxiom Data Catalogue For Audience Creation & Analytics

Find the right solution for your audience creation and analytics requirements with the Acxiom Data Catalogue

Acxiom focuses on creating the best possible insights across the most sources of data, effectively harnessing big data on real consumers for recognition, targeting and measurement. Our consumer data and insights solutions work to recognise your marketable consumers, and match them to a plethora of descriptive and predictive attributes in a way that’s ethical and privacy-compliant.

Armed with the most accurate, comprehensive data available anywhere, advertisers can better understand their best customers and find more like them.
Read this catalogue to learn more about solutions such as:

InfoBase: Giving marketers the customer and prospect information to make smarter, faster marketing decisions

Personicx: A consumer segmentation that enables personalised and coordinated people-based contact strategies

Affordability: Differentiates on levels of economic commitment and disposable income providing insight into the complex financial status of consumers

Audience Propensities: The ability to custom build market specific propensities and create audiences by combining panel data with InfoBase

Geo Level Solutions: Leverages Neighbourhood InfoBase and Personicx for geographical analysis such as location planning and market-level research.