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The world of data is growing and changing fast and understanding how to use consumer data is critical to business performance and growth. Particularly in Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into force 25th May 2018 followed by the e-Privacy Regulation are focused on protecting consumers from illegal, unethical and irresponsible use of their personal data.


What is the Impact of GDPR and Brexit on Personalisation?

Ten Practical Steps to Ethical Data Use

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Ethical Data Use

These new regulations will force organisations to review and change how they collect, store and utilise customer data putting more emphasis on ethical practice and consumer rights. Acxiom's privacy professionals understand this new regulatory world and provide the best privacy and data governance for the connected marketing eco-system.

Our role in creating 'Demonstrable Compliance' in the Legal, Ethical and Responsible Use of Customer Data

Acxiom uses a range of proven assessment frameworks to understand an organisation's Data Management Maturity, Governance Capability and Privacy Posture relating to customer data. These frameworks are used to deliver a range of workshops, faciltated self-assessments and deep dive evaluations of an organisation's data management capability and compliance, explained in detail below.