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Omnichannel Collaboration Solutions

Unlock the Power of 2nd Party Data Collaboration

Omnichannel Collaboration Solutions deliver a complete, configurable, and mature safe haven solution that provides a neutral and trusted environment for data partners to safely collaborate and extract maximum value from shared data assets.

Omnichannel Collaboration Solutions Omnichannel Collaboration Solutions

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Risk from Second-Party Data Exchange

    Reduce your risk by leveraging industry-leading data management, omnichannel marketing and ethical data use expertise and data processing for neutral, second-party data exchange.

  • More Easily Collaborate with New Data Partners

    Ability to quickly, ethically and easily add new data partners as collaborative marketing initiatives expand over time.

  • Maximise the Value of Data Collaboration

    Maximise value of shared data assets by maintaining longer data history and proper data lineage and access controls across partner assets.

  • Get Faster Speed to Value

    Reduced overall time to value, implementation and ongoing support costs and long-term martech/adtech investment risk versus legacy custom solutions or in-house solution options.

Solutions Overview

Pursue data collaboration opportunities with a solution that delivers the optimal approach for second-party data exchange to maximise the value of your data.

  • Partner Match for Easy Analysis of Audience Opportunities

    Pursue a simple match of first-party data assets with partners that provides overlap and growth opportunity analysis.

  • Collaborative Analytics for Deep Analysis of Opportunities

    Go deeper into collaborative analytics to uncover new insights and opportunities such as  collaborative marketing campaign measurement, share of wallet analysis and other collaborative insights.

  • Establish a Persistent Data Collaboration Environment for Ongoing Marketing Collaboration and Data Monetisation

    Implement an enterprise-class second-party data exchange environment across one or multiple partners for a comprehensive data foundation addressing all data collaboration activities with built in data access and data governance controls.

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