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Data Quality Services

Clean and Enhance Digital and Offline Data Globally

As people’s lives change over time marketers face the daunting challenge of keeping up. Acxiom Data Quality offers a suite of services to cleanse, standardise, and enhance your consumer contact data to enable you to deliver personalised experiences anywhere.

  • Improve Data Consistency

    • Parse and standardise key identity-related components
    • Consistency of the data improves all downstream processes
  • Correct Data Anomalies

    • Correct erroneous data
    • Flag remaining records with data content issues
  • Update Information and Fill in Gaps

    • Identify and complete missing data components (such as Name and Address)
    • Provide rich lifestyle and demographic enhancement data on 100% of PAF matched addresses


  • Reduce Costs

    • Validate that contact points are reachable
    • Suppress and flag deceased and goneaway records
  • Optimise Consumer View

    • Enable optimised views of the consumer for marketing and other applications such as Master Data Management and Customer Data Platforms
  • Optimise Globally

    • Available in the U.K and across specific global regions

Proven Results

Corrects on average more than 40 percent of missing or incorrect addresses
Identify duplicate records at address, household  and individual level
Supplies new addresses for on average 30 percent of goneaways


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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.