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Audience Monetisation

Audience Monetisation Audience Monetisation

Leverage Your Data Assets

Many companies are discovering that they have people-based data assets. But just because you have them doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to effectively leverage them. Data needs to be curated. It has to be easily connected so that it can be activated. And you must comply with security and privacy regulations. Partner with Acxiom to get data monetisation right.

  • Trust the Original Data Experts

    For almost five decades, Acxiom has been the leader in monetising data for the world’s largest brands. We know what works, why, and how to maximise value without introducing risk.

  • Choose Your Audience Monetisation Model

    Use direct audience monetisation to curate and make data available on major publishers and platforms. Or choose collaborative monetisation to share data anonymously with select partners in a safe environment.

  • Unlock All the Value

    Our comprehensive audience monetisation services – Data Privacy, Data Curation, Data Linking and Recognition, Data Modelling, and Data Distribution – are proven to help you derive the most data revenue possible.

Getting Started With Data Monetisation

  • Step One

    Determine if your company is collecting data and whether that data is desirable in the marketplace by suppliers, customers, partners, etc.

  • Step Two

    Decide if your company is willing to treat your data as a corporate asset to grow revenues.

  • Step Three

    Evaluate whether or not your company has the capabilities and expertise internally to be able to properly maximise revenue for your data assets without exposing the company to unnecessary risk.

  • Step Four

    Schedule an introductory discussion with our Audience Monetisation team to learn why partnering with Acxiom is the smartest move you’ll ever make when it comes to harvesting your data.

Contact Us About Audience Monetisation

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