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Better Audiences Begin in the Cloud

Acxiom Audience Cloud is an industry first. A web-based, self-service tool that makes it easy to search and access vital third-party consumer data to expertly build, size, and segment custom audiences using demographic and predictive data. It then enables the rapid distribution of these audiences to all the top publishers, social networks, and programmatic platforms in a completely privacy-compliant way.

Better Audiences Begin in the Cloud Better Audiences Begin in the Cloud
  • First of Its Kind Cross-Channel Audience Management Tool

    Access Acxiom’s 45+ years of data and identity resolution expertise in a completely self-serve way. So efficient that distributed audiences can be ready to distribute in less than an hour.

  • Hyper-Targeted Audiences On-Demand

    Use Audience Cloud’s highly intuitive dashboard to establish and manage finely tuned audiences with ease. Get real-time counts. Use details to refine counts based on relevancy and specificity. Improve results.

  • A Massive Ecosystem of Audience Integrations

    Distribute to more than 400 partners to activate your audiences across the most online channels at the touch of a button – with new integrations added regularly.

Four Simple Steps. One Incredible Solution.

With Audience Cloud, you can easily access verified third-party data sets, establish your own parameters, and then use segment overlaps to quickly achieve the right number for your audience and improve efficiencies for your campaigns.

  • Step One:

    Search available categories

  • Step Two:

    Create your audience

  • Step Three:

    Estimate the audience size

  • Step Four:


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