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The Open Garden Movement

The Open Garden Movement The Open Garden Movement

Unite Marketing at the Data Level

Open Garden is a blueprint for a marketing and advertising ecosystem that’s connected at the data layer. This is a golden age for marketers with a huge range of technologies that help you engage consumers, measure results, and optimise. Now you can build a ruthlessly efficient, symbiotic marketing ecosystem that delivers an unobstructed view of every customer – from any channel.

Make Everything Work Together Better

  • Bring Together Martech and Adtech

    Connect your fragmented platforms, partners, applications and channels – then deliver the personalised, omnichannel experiences your customers love.

  • Squeeze Value Out of All Your Data

    Drive better-informed decisions and more meaningful, successful interactions in every channel.

  • Increase Reach, Revenue, and ROI

    Improve your targeting, conversion, retention, loyalty and up-sell by using data to optimise offline and digital marketing.

  • Keep Up With the Pace of Innovation

    Work seamlessly with every major tech vendor and publisher without giving up control of your data or limiting your reach to any channel or application.

Webinar: An Open Discussion On Open Gardens

Learn from Sony, Heathrow Airport and Top Marketers about Open Garden

Acxiom’s Place in the Open Garden

Acxiom accelerates your transformation to Open Garden Marketing

  • We Architect and Build Your Open Garden Infrastructure

    A next-generation marketing stack that ingests, enhances, connects, activates, distributes and governs your marketing data.

  • We Help You Manage and Optimise Your Marketing Data Operation

    To maintain data quality and embrace new channels and partners.

  • We Provide Neutral, Open Connectivity in an Acxiom Safe Haven

    To share data between you and your partners without breaching privacy.

Products And Services To Help You

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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.