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Data Management and Marketing

Reaching people at the right time with the right content is getting harder to manage – even as the technology and applications for engaging people continue to promise simplicity, ease of use and stand-alone capabilities. At the same time, the pressure to achieve results is intense, and the goal of forming lasting connections between people and your brand is at stake.

Data Management and Marketing
  • 15% replaced their CDP

  • Nearly 51% focused on data capabilities improvements

How Acxiom Turns Digital Chaos into
Customer Common Sense

  • We Optimise Technologies

    We provide the data management infrastructure that connects all customer data across the enterprise. Whether it is a marketing database, analytics environment, data layer, or implementing and optimising a customer data platform, Acxiom helps companies normalise and bring all their data across several silos into one place, to truly understand their customers. We make the data available in real-time and connect in-the-moment intelligence with the brand’s historical customer insights to fuel Sitecore, Treasure Data, Salesforce, and Adobe systems for clients. Acxiom turbocharges CDP technology with solutions including Real Identity™, the industry’s most robust identity solution, helping brands build their own first-party identity graph, and data solutions including InfoBase®, Personicx® and Audience Propensities, enabling brands to connect with customers through deep understanding. This helps deliver better, informed experiences for people as they interact with a brand on a one-to-one level no matter the channel.

  • We Make Data Work

    Connected identity and data allow brands to recognise customer journeys consistently and execute strategies that improve customer engagement. We make this possible by enhancing a brand’s ability to collect, unify, and activate data seamlessly across applications, and we use our unified data models and standard connectors with critical ecosystem partners like Google, Adobe, and Salesforce. We also enable clients to analyse customer engagement data with a single unified audience model.

  • Implement Innovative Platforms

    As cookies deprecate, how do brands reliant on third-party cookies prospect effectively? Without the right technologies that gather accurate customer data to identify both existing and potential new customers and to enrich this first-party data, it almost seems an impossible task. It is hard to imagine how marketers would have enough insights to know the best channels to utilise, how to promote, who to promote to, where to invest and what will calculate and deliver a robust ROI. That is where we come in. Combining Acxiom’s extensive knowledge in privacy-compliant data, identity management, and CDP technology from our most trusted partners, Acxiom takes customer data to the next level, enabling brands to bridge the gap between paid and owned media for a full-funnel view in a cookie-less world.

We have been doing this for 50 years, trusted by many Fortune 500 Global Brands.

To understand and respect people, we connect data and technology, we keep it safe and use the customer intelligence created in ethical ways.

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Implement Innovative Platforms

With the deprecations of third-party cookies, we design resilient strategies to continue to drive significant personalisation for both prospects and customers.

Experiences that Matter

To understand and respect people, we connect data and technology, we keep it safe and use the customer intelligence created in ethical ways.

For more information, visit us at or email