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The Future of Automotive Retail is Now

Never Look Back

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated existing trends toward digital purchasing – even for the automotive industry. Automotive OEMs and franchise car dealers made fast pivots to digital to keep their retail businesses going. Meanwhile, online car-buying sites are busier than ever. The question is: Are you equipped to handle this new digital reality?

The Future of Automotive Retail is Now The Future of Automotive Retail is Now

As one industry expert observed, “Everything we do has to be a win for the customer, the retailer and the manufacturer.” In a captivating Reuters Digital Retail White Paper, Never Look Back: The Future of Automotive Retail is Now, we explore how OEMs and dealers are adapting to the new digital age, and we review the best practices for meeting customer expectations now and into the future.

Of course, technology can’t replace the human touch (at least, not yet). But buying a new automobile will remain a unique and exciting experience – provided that OEMs and dealers embrace digital transformation and employ it to its greatest effectiveness.

  • Learn how better data can take marketing from reactive and retargeting to addressing consumers at every stage of the journey

  • See how “going hybrid” can satisfy the growing number of consumers who wish to complete more of the journey digitally

  • Understand how personalisation is crucial to providing prospective automobile buyers with the very best customer experience

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