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Personalisation: Hanging in the Balance

Personalisation: Hanging in the Balance

The impact of the GDPR and Brexit

What effect will the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or a post Brexit version of GDPR have on attitudes towards data privacy and personalisation? And how should marketers respond, to drive value and customer experience?

This document builds upon our 2013 whitepaper ‘Personalisation: Hanging in the Balance’, which outlines how extreme views and misperceptions around data (and how it is used for marketing) threaten to curtail marketers’ abilities to deliver great personalisation and great services.

This updated version highlights and adds:

  • How marketers should use consumer data to drive more personalised, relevant marketing campaigns in the face of GDPR
  • A review of attitudes towards data use – and how GDPR and Brexit may affect these in 2018
  • How marketers should be using consumer data to drive value and improve customer experience