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Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks

Data privacy: What the consumer really thinks

Is transparency the key to making more consumers happy with data sharing? In the run-up to GDPR, the DMA’s report, created in partnership with Acxiom, digs deep into how we all feel about the data we share, and how businesses can create real trust and take their customers to that next level.

This is the third time this research has been run since 2012, meaning “Data privacy: what the consumer really thinks” is here to provide you with today’s results, with the added value of trends.

Now we can see with greater confidence, where things are headed and in turn, plan with more confidence.

‘GDPR comes into force in May and our research shows that consumer attitudes are already changing in a way that makes us optimistic,’ said Chris Combemale, Group CEO of the DMA.

Click below to see:

  • How transparency could be the key to further increasing trust in how data is collected and used
  • How different generations feel about data – and how you can manage their expectations accordingly
  • The state of privacy concerns since this research was last conducted in 2015
  • The extent to which consumers understand the importance of data to the modern economy
  • An authentic look into how we perceive data-sharing in the current climate; read on and equip your business with all the data-know-how it needs for the road ahead.

Read the report here