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Customer Recognition | Data & The Customer Experience

Customer Recognition | Data & The Customer Experience

Identity resolution bridges online and offline customer recognition gap – new episode of Everything You Need to Know: Data & Customer Experience

Customers now have physical and digital identities, making it difficult for marketers to identify and target individual customers. In episode two of Everything You Need to Know (EYNTK) about data and customer experience, Jed Mole, VP of Marketing at Acxiom provides tips on how brands can use data to recognise customers across all channels and devices.

Recognising who a customer is has always been challenging for brands but today, it’s even harder given the range of online and offline personas a person can have. Consumers are likely to have several email accounts and use multiple digital devices to live their lives and make their purchases, adding growing complications in following the individual customer journey.

Relying on computers to predict probabilities can be tricky too: “Computers love certainty. The outcomes are only as good as the data and rules we give them,” says Jed Mole.

In the video Jed Mole suggests a more advanced technique, known as “knowledge-based identity resolution” to recognise individuals through their major life moments, such as marriage or moving home as well as their everyday interactions.

Episode one examined how marketers can solve the missing data connection, if you missed it here it is.

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