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Eric Heiliger

Eric Heiliger

Vice President Strategic Growth EMEA

Eric Heiliger serves as Vice President Strategic Growth EMEA at Acxiom, a position he’s held since October 2020. He has long followed the evolution of marketing, particularly with the explosion of siloed data and channels by which brands can now reach customers. Armed with this knowledge, Eric manages a team focused on enabling well-known brands to deliver future proof data driven marketing.

With expertise in combining data, data-strategy with MarTech and AdTech to create truly personalised customer experiences at scale – Eric has a proven track record of winning and growing clients in the Automotive, CPG, NGO, Telecommunications, and Utility sectors.

Prior to his current role, Eric served as a member of the German management board and Head of Sales. Before that, he was a strategist at Deutsche Post AG developing data strategies for people-based-marketing.

When it comes to his personal life, Eric and his wife Susanne live near Munich in Bavaria with their two boys and a dog. He fell in love with Bavaria and the Alps when he served in the military mountaineering unit, earning the honorary medal during his service. When not working Eric enjoys music, skiing, golf and spending time with his family.

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