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Optimise Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategies

We help 7 of the 10 top retailers deliver great customer experiences

Retail Challenges

The customer journey has changed dramatically over the course of the digital age, especially for retailers and CPG companies. The days of customers buying the vast majority of products in-store is shifting, and online shopping is becoming more of the norm. With that, there are now more consumer channels, devices and outlets for you to reach them with your message

Our Key Solutions

Acxiom’s solutions and services enable you to deploy the data foundation required for omnichannel marketing

Acquire Profitable Customers

Reach the right audiences by using a unified customer data layer to power robust acquisition analytics

Improve Marketing at Every Touchpoint

Improve audience creation, targeting, and measurement with omnichannel integration of data sources in a privacy-compliant manner

Convert Your Competitors’ Most Valuable Customers

Identify audiences outside your customer database that have a preference for shopping at specific competitors

Reactivate Customers Intelligently

Increase revenue and lower customer acquisition costs by getting up-to-date contact and buying behaviour information for lapsed customers

Enable Marketing Technology

Building on many years of experience implementing market leading campaign technologies has equipped Acxiom better than anyone else to meet the challenges facing organisations embarking on technology implementation

Enabling marketing technology and data integration with Adobe Campaign and Acxiom Experience Platform

Retail Retail

Make Smarter Marketing Decisions

Apply insights to inform marketing strategies and execution

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