Our Key Solutions

Acxiom’s solutions and services enable you to deploy the data foundation required for omnichannel marketing

  • Acquire and Retain Profitable Customers

    Acquire and Retain Profitable Customers

    Reach the right audiences by using a unified customer data layer to power robust acquisition and retention insights, campaigns and analytics

    • Understand and identify the highest value audiences for customer acquisition and relationship marketing targeting
    • Improve response rates while controlling customer acquisition and CRM costs
    • Identify and suppress consumer segments with marginal lifetime value
  • Improve Marketing at Every Touchpoint

    Improve Marketing at Every Touchpoint

    Improve audience creation, targeting, and measurement with omnichannel integration of data sources in a privacy-compliant manner

    • Improve customer engagement and satisfaction by optimizing customer portraits based on interactions across channels
    • Measure the performance of your digital campaigns, for both online sales and in-store transactions
    • Increase speed-to-action with a complete view of the customer across your marketing ecosystem
  • Convert Your Competitors’ Most Valuable Customers

    Convert Your Competitors’ Most Valuable Customers

    Identify audiences outside your customer database that have a preference for shopping at specific competitors

    • Tap into rich consumer audiences who are losing their preferred shopping outlet due to store closings, bankruptcy, etc.
    • Increase your market share by introducing your brand to new audiences
    • Present timely and relevant offers
  • Reactivate Customers Intelligently

    Reactivate Customers Intelligently

    Increase revenue and lower customer acquisition costs by getting up-to-date contact and buying behavior information for lapsed customers

    • Reactivate lapsed or infrequent shoppers with relevant, timely offers, such as new products aligned to need or affinity
    • Leverage current in-market shopping behavior to understand who’s transacting in your categories, but not with your brand
    • Target high value segments that have transacted with your brand and provide offers to encourage incremental transactions.

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