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Measure and Optimise ROI

Create a Continuous Cycle of Improvement

Measure the impact of your campaigns on real sales results, feed insights into your targeting strategy, and repeat to drive the best ROI.

Measure and Optimise ROI Measure and Optimise ROI
  • Optimise Marketing Spend

    Improve efficiency by directing spend toward the best performing channels, publishers, and creative.

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

    Use people-based marketing techniques to reach your target audience with optimal frequency and efficient media buys.

  • Understand the Customer Journey

    Unify offline and digital data from each brand touchpoint to create a single view of the customer for analytics insights.

Use Case Examples

  • Campaign Measurement

    Understand the incremental impact of marketing campaigns across offline and digital sales channels.

  • Cross-Channel Attribution

    Measure and assign credit to interactions througout the customer journey that influence a purchase.

  • Publisher Analytics

    Gain insight into which combination of publishers, channels, and campaigns yield the best results.

  • Audience Analytics

    Lower customer acquisition costs by optimising audiences and reach strategies.

  • Collaborative Analytics

    Unlock value from second-party data partnerships with insights into how to optimise audiences and campaigns.

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