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Data Strategy and Architecture Services

Data Strategy and Architecture Services Data Strategy and Architecture Services

As Your Trusted Adviser, Acxiom Marketing Services Helps You Define a Data Strategy and Roadmap That Connects All Your Data For Seamless People-Based Marketing

Tailored to meet the unique business needs of individual industries, our marketing solutions bring together data, technology, analytics, strategy and delivery services for greater reach, revenue and return.

  • The True ROI Of Marketing Technology

    Our next-generation marketing solutions enable you to understand the true ROI of your marketing technology tools and partnerships, identify wasted media spend, and determine where to re-invest for improved marketing.

  • Strategy Into Action For Advanced Omnichannel Marketing

    As your roadmap unfolds, we help address key business needs and translate your strategy into actionable steps to advance your omnichannel marketing.

  • Optimised For a Data-Driven World

    Our strategic advisers, with decades of industry experience, can help you with customer journey mapping, data privacy and governance, and train your teams for tomorrow’s digitally-infused and data-driven marketing world.

When you partner with Acxiom for your Next-Generation Marketing Strategy and Roadmap, we’ll spend time analysing your entire organisation’s data, technology, partnerships, measurement, and organisational readiness to provide the following actionable plan:

  • Future State Vision

    A clear description of capabilities and benefits of your Next-Generation Marketing capabilities and programs.

  • Gaps and Recommendations

    A report that explains gaps and the recommended changes and optimal solutions to address those gaps.

  • Business Case for Change

    An analysis of the recommendations and a clear business case for how the recommended changes will improve Marketing ROI.

  • Strategic Roadmap

    A schedule for implementing all recommendations with specific durations and program owners within your organisation.

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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.