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Brands who love people, love
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Brands who love people, love

Acxiom turns digital chaos into customer common sense

Acxiom is a customer intelligence company that safely connects data and technology to create relevant experiences. We are the trusted advisor of hundreds of companies delivering, integrating and managing unified data layer solutions that power exceptional experiences.


    Leading competitors say they can do it, but we deliver. Our clients renew over 95% of their contracts.


    Constantly innovating in the areas of cloud, real-time decision making, compliance and integrations with activation and media applications.


    We serve the world’s largest and most successful companies, including nearly half of the Fortune 100.

Determine Your Current Level of Customer Obsession

Learn from the habits of more mature companies

Understanding your current maturity will tell you where to start your journey to customer obsession; it will also compare you with more advanced examples, so you know what best practices to adopt.

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Experiences that Matter

By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favour, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.