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5 Reasons To Include Connected Spaces in Your People Based Marketing Strategy

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at November 2nd, 2017

5 Reasons To Include Connected Spaces in Your People Based Marketing Strategy

What is Connected Spaces?

Acxiom have partnered with Adobe and their world-leading customer experience technology to create Connected Spaces; a practical, fast to deploy data and technology solution, that streamlines customer experiences.

Integrating data from multiple and varied sources, Connected Spaces offers a real people-based solution; customer identity resolution that increases your ability to recognise customers and prospects across touchpoints; delivering a genuine single view of the customer. This allows brands such as airports, arenas, malls and more, to accurately engage customers before, during and after visits, then respond in real-time where context and relevancy really count.

But why Connected Spaces? Below are five reasons to include Connected Spaces in your marketing strategy.

Why Connected Spaces? 5 Reasons

1. It’s designed to deliver more seamless, intelligent customer experiences

Customer experience is the new battleground for customer satisfaction and spend; the new battleground where businesses will win, or lose.

For those determined to win, delivering a good CX can be more challenging for some organisations than others. For example if your customers frequently turn up unannounced, remain anonymous during their time with you, are visiting your location for another reason (such as visiting a mall, to engage with another brand) or just spend a short time with you, it’s hard to recognise and engage them. And that’s before you consider that your retail partners are also working to achieve the same.

However through intelligent insight, Connected Spaces can deliver a brilliant customer experience at all times; reacting in real time where it counts to add value to customer experiences both during a customer’s experience with you, and afterwards.

2. It’s Data Ethical

Connected Spaces is a global solution that’s based on Open Garden principles and as such, it is already optimised with Adobe, and able to integrate with numerous CRM systems and analytical solutions – while using data in privacy-compliant ethical ways.

3. It’s Fast to Deploy

It takes just six weeks for Acxiom and Adobe to set up, integrate and deploy, delivering results and ROI much faster than a typical marketing system.

4. It offers a flexible customer experience solution

Connected Spaces offers the core of what you need to deliver great customer journeys and memorable customer experiences, but also understands and respects that your business may have legacy technologies, data feeds and complementary solutions which need to integrate seamlessly.

5. It’s Already Proven

Heathrow Airport is arguably Europe’s biggest retail site and is a £1.9bn business facing all of the customer experience challenges and aspirations modern spaces face in recognising and engaging customers across on and offline channels. Since adopting Connected Spaces, Heathrow are now enjoying fantastic results such as +23% uplift in spend per visit.

Creating Successful, People Based Customer Experiences

For people based marketing strategies to be truly successful, they must be remain connected across touchpoints, be tailored to each individual and offer a relevant, helpful customer experience throughout. Solutions that use data intelligently to achieve this, such as Connected Spaces, are those that will give you an advantage and create stronger relationships with your customers.

You can find out more about Connected Spaces in our latest eBook, which is available to download here.