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How Heathrow Uses Connected Spaces To Transform Their Customer Journey

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at October 26th, 2017

How Heathrow Uses Connected Spaces To Transform Their Customer Journey

Achieving a seamless customer experience at scale, especially for venue locations such as malls, arenas or airports, presents a substantial challenge. How can you be sure you can engage visiting customers and deliver a relevant experience on and offline – especially if you don’t know when they’ll visit next?

For Heathrow Airport (Europe’s busiest, with over 100 retail and restaurant brands across their terminals) it’s a priority to be able to deliver a smooth, positive customer experience at every touchpoint. And it’s for a good reason, as research has shown that the retail experience is a major driver of overall customer satisfaction.

“The airport, parking operations, train service, and retail are all separate business units. But customers see Heathrow as one entity. If they interact with one part of the business, they expect the other parts to know who they are and what they need.” – Simon Chatfield, Head of eBusiness and CRM, Heathrow.

Pioneering Connected Spaces To Make Every Journey Better

To enhance their customer experience offering and take charge of shaping traveller’s journeys throughout their time with Heathrow (this includes Heathrow Express, Official Heathrow Parking, Heathrow Boutique and all of Heathrow’s wide-ranging retail ranging retail concessionaires), the airport adopted Acxiom and Adobe’s Connected Spaces solution.

By taking advantage of the solution, Heathrow is able to identify more customers. This allows them to activate a highly personalised suite of communications, with the objective of growing the value of each customer, acquiring new Rewards members, and providing valuable information to each passenger to ensure a smooth journey through the airport. After all, Heathrow’s number one priority remains getting people safely on and off flights, on time.

How Does Connected Spaces work for Heathrow?

With Connected Spaces, enriched data populates Heathrow’s Passenger engagement solution, allowing the airport to execute based on data-driven insights. Acxiom also supports Heathrow in capitalising on its investment in the Adobe Experience Cloud by planning and executing omnichannel communications, notably connecting Adobe Campaign to other aspects of the Adobe tool set.

The Results

The solution helps the airport increase membership in Heathrow Rewards, bookings for Heathrow official parking and Heathrow Express, plus in-terminal service messaging to ensure a seamless experience when passing through the airport.

By creating a highly personalised approach with Connected Spaces, Heathrow has seen:

  • 22% increase in loyalty retail spending,
  • 19% growth in loyalty membership,
  • 20% growth in active membership,
  • 34% increase in reactivated members,
  • 23% increase in spending per visit.


A Tailored Experience For Every Passenger

Prioritising the customer experience to create a seamless brand experience can clearly lead to great results. In line with this, Heathrow continues to work with Acxiom on future developments.

“We aim to offer our customers a rich and varied experience, tailored to their specific needs. By connecting our data with retailers, airlines, and other partners’ assets, we are able to recognise, better understand and creatively engage the growing number of customers who visit Heathrow each year.” – Simon Chatfield Head of eBusiness and CRM, Heathrow

You can find out more about Connected Spaces in our latest eBook, available to download here.