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What everyone wants this Christmas

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at December 16th, 2014

What everyone wants this Christmas

We all know the story, currently popularised right in time for Christmas by Sainsbury’s advert, where the First World War soldiers, put down their weapons on Christmas Day and come out from their trenches to exchange gifts, shake hands, sing hymns, play football and connect the worlds’ of online and offline marketing. Well, maybe not that last part.

It’s been a heart-warming story of hope for around a century and rightly so. We humans have emotions, we have heart and soul and we’re not machines. And so, today in this brief blog, my marketing wish for Christmas is that we all climb out of our respective marketing trenches and come together. From brands to agencies, from industry bodies to suppliers like Acxiom, regardless of function, from creative to technology, from data to analytics and all points in between, let us come together to deliver real value to real people.

People may be represented in the form of 1s and 0s but people they are and should remain. The emotive aspects a cockle-warming ad may engender are the same emotions that same individual will feel when they judge the relevance of any communication and the quality of the interaction. Unlike Mr Spock, we humans are emotive creatures and while the strength and exact form of an emotion may vary, we feel the way we do because of who we are.

Today online, we do things and brands have a decent chance of understanding ‘what’ we’re up to. However, usually several doors along, another team of marketers know ‘why’ we’re doing things because they have a better handle on who we are! If only we could bring these digital and CRM folks together. Then, if we can bring in brand and creative we can ensure the above the line works as well as the below and through. With a bit of Christmas cheer, the industry bodies will align their efforts, the brands will reward the suppliers based on value and the happy suppliers will go carol singing with procurement having delivered exactly what they said they’d deliver.

Perhaps I’ve gone too far! But, a little less mulled wine for me and a bit more for everyone else to create a Christmas spirit that lasts way beyond the Christmas party season is a great idea. The answer is always ‘the customer’, they are the only ones who can reward us for any of our efforts. Every part of our industry and every party of our organisations bar none must seek to collaborate, to share and connect the right data (because that’s where the customer lies in today’s world) and do the right thing at the right time in the right way for the customer not to them.

Let all of marketing come together this Christmas and find common ground in no man’s land, to deliver ever better human experiences for customers and brilliant value. It may not be on their Christmas lists but that’s because it’s what they want every day!

Merry Marketing Christmas from all at Acxiom

Jed Mole – European Marketing Director, Acxiom