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What You Need To Know About Connected Spaces To Enhance Your Customer Experience

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at October 20th, 2017

What You Need To Know About Connected Spaces To Enhance Your Customer Experience

Today, everything is about customer experience and rightly so. A better experience of a product, service or brand means loyalty, and more loyalty means more revenue and brand success.

This may sound simple, but in practice, success requires access to a combination of data and technology that can connect brands in both digital and physical spaces with real people, and create better customer experiences as a result.

Why Connected Spaces and Customer Experience?

“The internet brings the world to our door but still we gather together – to shop, to travel, to be entertained – to enjoy and share Experiences. Destinations, venues, terminals, malls now recognise that they are more than physical spaces but now exist to enrich consumers experiences” – Westfield Corporation

For venues such as shopping malls, airports, tourist destinations and arenas, the issue of connecting the brand with real, visiting customers is a resonant one.

Typically organisations of this nature hold many of the following challenges in common, with customers that;

  • Tend to turn up unannounced. An airline may be expecting you, but is the airport operator?
  • Tend to remain anonymous. They rarely log in!
  • May be visiting for another reason. Such as to see a performance, catch a plane or visit a high street brand.
  • May be with you for a very short time. You may have an hour to engage them before they catch a flight, see a performance, or while they walk around a mall.
  • Are arguably more customers of the brands you work with. These customers are primarily there to engage with your partners, rather than to directly engage with you.

Regardless; it’s important to be able to deliver a better customer experience to grow revenue and foster long-term customer/brand relationships.

It’s tough. But people-based marketing can provide the answer.

People today want better. Better information, frictionless service, offers, deals – they expect a better, people-based customer experience.

The good news here? This means customers will make the most of technology that creates a better experience; for example people will compare taxi apps to get one sooner and at a better price. They’ll check their train is on time before squeezing in last minute shopping or running to the station.

However. This doesn’t make things easy. Whatever the nature of a venue; if you’re an arena, mall, airport or otherwise, it’s typical that when customers pass through, you won’t know they’re coming – and frustratingly they’re likely to remain anonymous during their visit.

What’s needed to address this is not technology alone, but a solution that’s straightforward to deploy, and comprises of a combination of technology and data; meaning you can identify, understand and engage customers across all touchpoints for a better customer experience.

What You Need To Know About Connected Spaces to Enhance Your Customer Experience

What is Connected Spaces?

Connected Spaces is a fast-to-deploy data and technology solution that works to deliver that people-based customer experience. It;

  • Integrates data from multiple and varied sources,
  • Offers customer identity resolution to increase your ability to recognise customers and prospects across touchpoints,
  • Features ready-to-go integrations with a wide range of technologies to fit with your existing architecture,
  • Delivers a genuine single view of the customer,
  • Enables Adobe Experience Cloud technologies to turn data into insights and to plan and execute marketing,
  • Allows brands to message before, during and after visits and react in real-time – such as to how busy a location is,
  • Promotes better measurement and reporting,
  • Manages data in ethical and privacy compliant ways.

What Can Connected Spaces Achieve?

So how does Connected Spaces deliver this?

As a case example; over 75 million passengers travel through Heathrow Airport on their way to and from 185 cities per year. Customers are passing by 100 retail and restaurant brands throughout their time at Heathrow.

By taking advantage of Acxiom and Adobe’s Connected Spaces solution, Heathrow leverages its customer data by reacting to customer events in real time, then personalises one-to-one communications for passengers. The goal is a single view of the customer that drives a better customer experience, grows Rewards membership and in turn grows revenue for all Heathrow business units.

Since implementing Connected Spaces Heathrow have seen;

  • 22% increase in loyalty retail spending,
  • 19% growth in loyalty membership,
  • 20% growth in active membership,
  • 34% increase in reactivated members,
  • 23% increase in spending per visit.

Why Connected Spaces?

Customer Experience is the new battleground for customer satisfaction and spend, the new battleground where businesses will win, or lose.

For those determined to win, delivering a good CX is more challenging for some than others. If your customers tend to: turn up unannounced, generally remain anonymous, are visiting your location for another reason and spend just a short time with you it’s hard. And that’s before you add the complexity of all your retail partners into the mix.

Connected Spaces from Acxiom and Adobe offer an answer here; giving your CX strategies a leg up, into the real world and fast.