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The Benefits of Direct Match (Collaborative) Targeting

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at March 11th, 2014

The Benefits of Direct Match (Collaborative) Targeting

With consumers increasingly active in the digital space on social, mobile and other interactive channels, it can be difficult for marketers to identify, target and engage them with accuracy, despite the extensive volumes of data generated. After all, cookies don’t buy anything, but people do, and for too much of the time, it is difficult for marketers to make sense of the sea of available data, and accurately identify the individuals most likely to find their message relevant. Today, with so much digital spend, getting this right is key to being a successful marketer and is why Direct Match (also referred to as Collaborative) Targeting is a key to success.

What is Direct Match Targeting? What Does it Do?

Direct Match Targeting enables marketers to target specific audiences with the most relevant adverts and offers possible, acting as a trusted bridge between two parties and their data. Utilising the Safe Haven component of Acxiom’s Audience Operating System (AOS) it safely joins client (i.e. brand) data with ad publisher knowledge to enhance the accuracy, consistency and success of marketing messages. Acxiom’s own proprietary data can also be factored in to give even higher levels of insight and accuracy. Without Direct Match Targeting, neither party would have access to such rich insight, or guaranteed security and privacy protection. With Direct Match Targeting, the principle is that one plus one, really can equal three!

Acxiom Direct Match Targeting works by:

  1. Carefully integrating a client’s consumer details into Acxiom’s secure, AOS Safe Haven environment.
  2. Once verified, this accurate, detail-rich insight allows the client’s target segments to be matched with a chosen advertisement publisher’s available audiences.
  3. This client-matched information provides dramatically enhanced data – a collaboration of information that can be used to improve results and reach new audiences. The data can also be enhanced with Acxiom insights from InfoBase or Personicx.
  4. Now, ad publishers can identify their relevant consumers on their territories, meaning Direct Match Targeting enables the creation of far more targeted, relevant online advertising that appeals to individuals.

Precise Direct Match Targeting Benefits

Direct Match targeting enables highly targeted online and mobile ads, and as such delivers multiple benefits:

  • Allows more consistent marketing communications, which increases prospect engagement levels.
  • Target audience segments can be accessed with more certainty and appropriately to unique preferences.
  • Consumers can be targeted across channels: from mobile apps to social media etc. and more.
  • Privacy and security are guaranteed as data is protected within a privacy compliant, Safe Haven matching environment.
  • ‘Lookalikes’ or similar matches of best customers across channels can be found with Acxiom’s rich data; detailing over 46 million UK individuals and 1000 lifestyle, demographic and behavioural variables.
  • Opportunities through collaboration with premium ad publishers can be accessed.
  • Efficiency can be increased and waste decreased; results of better-optimised ad spend with less waste.
  • Ad performance can be better understood as valuable channels are identifiable.
  • Post-campaign, ROI can be accurately measured via closed loop reporting.
  • A better brand experience all round

Direct Match targeting assists in a variety of different situations, particularly:

Retention campaigns.

Consumers today expect higher levels of recognition and service, they want the preferential offers and rewards of loyalty. Direct Match targeting means marketers are far better placed to deliver brand and campaign consistency across channels and media, over time. Marketers can accurately engage consumers in an instant while continuing a valued relationship over time.

Acquisition campaigns.

For advertisers, access to Acxiom data via Direct Match Targeting means audience reach can be greatly expanded. And as that reach targets the prospects most likely to engage, acquisition value is increased. Collaborating to combine data delivers an ability to reach new audiences with greater targeting certainty that was previously impossible

Multi-channel branding campaigns.

Advertising and consumers are active across multiple channels, and targeting should account for this. Direct Match Targeting can be applied to multiple channel types including email, allowing optimum targeting of brand messages to the right consumers via the right channels, enhancing brand engagement and response.

Understanding the results of campaigns

Ultimately, Direct Match Targeting securely enhances databases, building on deep insight to match offline customer and prospect data with online advertising publisher partner audiences; providing ideal connection opportunities for optimum results.

Regarding reporting, Direct Match Targeting includes post campaign analytics, so at the end of campaigns, a detailed assessment of what an ad budget actually delivered can be established. Complete campaign lifecycle information is accounted for. This means sales, interaction, ROI, and cross channel conversions success – plus more – can be established and improved.

Privacy compliant, Safe-Haven With guaranteed security, all processes are completed within a privacy compliant, secure Safe Haven environment – client PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is never combined with any other advertiser’s data, and never leaves Acxiom.

*Data sourced from Acxiom’s Collaborative Targeting Factsheet, 2013