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8 Common CMO Challenges That Omnichannel Integration Solves

  • Jed Mole

    Jed Mole

Created at January 24th, 2018

8 Common CMO Challenges That Omnichannel Integration Solves

For CMOs to deliver a great, omnichannel customer experience, it’s important to be able to see, track and optimise across all channels, thereby removing data silos.

Yet many still operate in a shattered environment of disparate channels, campaign management systems, martech solutions and adtech services, including the DMP, CRM and analytics platforms.

In such a siloed landscape, delivering relevant content and offers, let alone true personalisation, is nearly impossible; bad news for CMOs, who need to turn siloed customer data into actionable insight, reach, and trackable revenue.

Challenges CMOs Must Address For A Great Customer Experience

So what’s the answer?

Of course, at a top level, CMOs know they must deliver that seamless, omnichannel customer experience for a holistic view of the customer. But they must also be able to address a number of contributing challenges related to achieving an omnichannel landscape. Looking at CMO’s omnichannel challenges in more depth, they must be able to:

1. Deliver great customer experiences everywhere

To improve the customer experience, CMOs must be able to delight customers across every touchpoint – delivering relevant communications to ensure loyalty and brand advocacy, and to encourage spend.

2. Personalise every journey

Personalisation is key to enhancing engagement. To achieve truly relevant interactions, CMOs must be able to deliver personalised messaging and engagement across digital and offline channels, powered by people-based segmentation for individualised, cross-channel campaigns.

3. Optimise media spend

In order to maximise return, optimising spend is a must. To do so, CMOs need cross-channel data (and attribution insight) to know how to buy media more efficiently and optimise spend across search, display, social, video and TV.

4. Activate data across channels

If CMOs can reduce the fragmentation of data and technology silos, by integrating digital with offline, and martech with adtech (activating data across channels), they can ultimately reduce campaign cycle duration and time to insights.

5. Improve the return on adtech investments

To deliver adtech ROI, CMOs must be able to improve return across data management platforms (DMPs), CRM and personalisation engines to effectively reach consumers across digital and programmatic media.

6. Accurately measure the impact of marketing spend

It’s crucial that CMOs can correctly measure and attribute the impact of marketing spend, and understand which channels and campaigns are the most effective in driving revenue and business outcomes.

7. Ensure the ethical use of customer data

Protecting customer data across all channels – and across all data-driven marketing activities – must be a priority for all CMOs; yet it’s a priority made more difficult by siloed data.

8. Capture the value trapped in customer data

Data monetisation can be a challenge for many CMOs. The answer to capturing the value within your customer data lies in partnering with trusted companies that seek to reach and engage audiences that can be enhanced or identified via data.

Omnichannel Integration Is The Answer

“This is the golden age of marketing innovation… [but] it’s difficult for any one company to understand how to navigate the marketing technology landscape… we’re now seeing a shift as marketers look to optimise their martech stacks and take advantage of the tremendous opportunity to connect at the data layer.” – Scott Brinker, Editor

Across each of these challenges we can see a common theme; CMOs are limited by their siloed channels and data.

But, if they can achieve true omnichannel integration, they can better understand the customer journey, and identify how their cross-channel data can be used to acquire, engage and retain customers.

That’s no easy task, but it can be achieved with an Omnichannel Integrator – a new type of data and systems integrator that helps brands enable amazing customer experiences.

An omnichannel integrator works by integrating and optimising marketing channels, technology and data, through end-to-end services, such as strategy, integration, managed services, data environments and measurement & analytics – making it an essential tool for CMOs looking to resolve the above challenges.

You can find out more about Acxiom’s Omnichannel Integrator services here.