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Deliver Cross-Channel Automotive Audiences Across Multiple Devices and Formats

As the automotive industry recovers, many marketing and advertising budgets have been significantly reduced. That’s why it is critical to use your remaining budget to provide the highest-value audiences delivering the most vehicle sales.

Acxiom’s Audience Activation solution drives incremental vehicle sales by delivering campaigns on addressable versus standard demographic audience segments, while using your media budget efficiently. This solution can help you:

  • Find new customers by modeling based on CRM and first-party data

  • Model high-value audiences to find ideal prospects in the digital ecosystem for seamless targeting

  • Match metrics such as foot traffic & sales to high-value audiences for closed-loop measurement

  • Eliminate siloed media activation to enhance the customer experience

  • Reduce media overlap, suppress current customers and reduce advertising waste for more effective reach and frequency

  • Discover audience propensities, insights and behaviours beyond demographics, such as media consumption, mindset, and in-market tendencies, to inform strategy

  • Gain a single view of your customer journey and identify paths to purchase and behaviour

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eCPS Audience Centric and Channel-less Addressable Segments maximize media ROI and have delivered incremental sales while saving more than an 65% in ad spend compared to using standard demographic segments.