Segmentation Marketing Software – Personicx

Acxiom’s consumer marketing segmentation, Personicx, has just been rebuilt to include a vital digital dimension.  Utilising a wealth of information to segment the UK market place into 55 robust clusters it allows you to effectively understand, target and connect with consumers.

The Personicx Eye is an interactive tool which visualises the unique segments that make up the UK market place.

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As the number of touchpoints continues to grow, digital identities and behaviours evolve. Personicx now includes a digital dimension allowing users to plan marketing engagements effectively across channels.
Personicx groups individuals on behaviour and structures them using four key factors, namely Lifestage, Affluence, Digital activity and Age.
New Personicx:
- significantly outperforms earlier solutions when predicting consumer behaviour and marketing responsiveness
- is independent of Census and therefore will remain current when Census based classifications become dated
- provides an up to date 360 degree view of UK individuals in terms of their characteristics, demand, affordability and channel


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